Parks & Landscaping

Chair: John Stacey | Committee: Robert Ho

What We Do

We maintain and improve the public parks and landscape features of Ingleside Terrraces. The parks include the historic Sundial Park (San Francisco Landmark #293), the Moncada parklet and the Corona Court parklet. 

In addition, we maintain the landscaping in the traffic circles through Ingleside Terraces, as well as the landscaping around the historic portals at the entry points to our historic district.

Finally, we work with MTA on traffic, parking, transit and MUNI  strategies and plans - in and around Ingleside Terraces, as well as adjacent arterials - to ensure the safety of our community. 


🌳 Join an ITHA Landscaping Day 

⚱️Adopt a public feature or space (weed, clean)  

🚦Give us input on traffic & transportation 

We publicize our Landscaping Days throughout the year through Terraces GoogleGroup & the ITHA Texts.
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Landscaping Day: Urbano Circles
March 2024

Fun Fact #1: Learn how the Sundial is accurate.

Fun Fact #2: How do we fix statuary features?
A: Family owned A. Silvestri Co.