Design Review

Chair: Suzanne McDonnell  |  Committee:  John Stacey, Thom Bucchioni

What We Do

The ITHA Design Review Committee works to preserve the architectural integrity of Ingleside Terraces, in cooperation with SF Planning, which considers Ingleside Terraces a Category A historic resource.

Towards that end, ITHA has a Design Review Checklist to help homeowners create residential design changes that support high quality renovation and development while preserving the neighborhood character of Ingleside Terraces. We hope it helps you to design and complete your project as quickly and economically as possible. 

SF Planning notifies us of building plans, and we review each plan in detail to ensure it complies with the neighborhood design guidelines. 

Take Action

If you are considering a remodel or building project in Ingleside Terraces we recommend that you read the entire ITHA Design Review Checklist at the earliest stage of planning your project. We also suggest making sure your architect, contractor and material suppliers are familiar with the Checklist and the resources to which it refers. Keep in mind that virtually every construction project in the city requires a permit from Department of Building Inspection (DBI), and projects that modify the EXTERIOR of the house in any way require a permit from City Planning and DBI (in that order). Lastly, use this checklist as a guide only, it is not intended as legal advice.

If you have questions, please contact the ITHA Design Review Committee at and a committee member will respond to your inquiry. 

Doing a remodel or building project? Download the Design Review Checklist