Ingleside Terraces
Homes Association

About Us

Ingleside Terraces was established in 1911, with the first homes completed in 1912. Today, it is comprised of 742 homes. Ingleside Terraces is one of the most intact garden residence parks in San Francisco. 

Ingleside Terraces is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, and we prioritize inclusion. We strive to create a welcoming community where all residents feel valued, respected and safe. We work to foster an environment that celebrates our unique backgrounds and encourages participation in our neighborhood.

Ingleside Terraces Homes Association's (ITHA) role is to:

ITHA represents all homeowners and residents in Ingleside Terraces. Dues are annual and voluntary but encouraged.

ITHA is a 501(c)(4) organization.


Monthly ITHA Board Meetings
Third Tuesday of the month in January, February, March, April, May, June, September and October. 
No scheduled meeting in July, August, November & December.
Meetings are virtual (link in agenda)
7 PM to 8 PM

Please join us -- all ITHA homeowners and residents are welcome

ITHA Annual Meeting
Saturday, November 16,  2024
10 AM to 12 PM
St. Francis' Episcopal Church Hall
399 San Fernando Way

Please join us -- all ITHA homeowners and residents are welcome!

What's New?

We've restarted our application to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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Summer Fridays at Sundial Park
June - September

District 7 Townhall on Upzoning
June 5, 2024

Spring Shred Day
May 4, 2024

Re-landscaped Urbano Circles
March 2024

Click for more about our social events and photo gallery of prior events.

ITHA is a member of the following organizations

The West of Twin Peaks Central Council (WTPCC) was formed in 1936, and is a resource for neighborhood organizations on the residential West side of San Francisco, CA.

Neighborhoods United SF (NUSF) is a coalition of neighborhood, business, and civic organizations across San Francisco concerned about the proposed height increases (upzoning) in our neighborhoods.