Ingleside Terraces Discussion Group

Terraces discussion group

Guidelines for posting

  • The group should be used for announcements of general interest and for discussion.  Topics should address local events and issues.

  • It's acceptable to state your own point of view, but please be polite and respectful of others.

  • Please limit the size and frequency of posts.  Wait for a response before adding more comments on an open thread of discussion.

  • Avoid overuse of all-caps, large fonts, bold and/or colored text, as this could be interpreted as shouting.

  • To refer to an article on the web, send just the link rather than copying and pasting the entire article into your email.  Do not send or click on a link unless it is reliable and safe.

  • Announcements regarding neighborhood businesses, contractors, concerts, benefits, etc., are welcome.  Commercial advertising is not accepted.  Definitely no spam.

  • Please use "Reply" rather than "Reply All" if you have a specific question or comment directed to the poster not of general interest

  • Before you press Send, remember that what you post is being read by a large number of your Ingleside Terraces neighbors.

  • Email from this group and its members is private.  Do not copy or forward without permission of the original sender.

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