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Guidelines for Participating
  • The Terraces Discussion Forums should be used for announcements of general interest and for discussion.  Topics should be started in the appropriate forums. Each forum has a description of its content.
  • It's acceptable to state your own point of view, but please be polite and respectful of others.
  • Wait for a response before adding more comments on an open thread of discussion. You may however edit your existing post if there are things you want to change or add.
  • Avoid overuse of all-caps, large fonts, bold and/or colored text, as this could be interpreted as shouting.
  • To refer to an article on the web, send just the link rather than copying and pasting the entire article into your post.  There are instructions in Help on how to do this. Do not send or click on a link unless it is reliable and safe.
  • Announcements regarding neighborhood businesses, contractors, concerts, benefits, etc., are welcome.  Commercial advertising is not accepted nor is Spam. These posts will be deleted by administrators or moderators. Repeated inappropriate postings will lead to suspension of posting privilege.
  • Please use "Reply" to a specific post or topic if you have a related question or comment instead of starting a new topic.
  • Search for a relevant topic to add to before starting a new topic. This keeps the forums organized and easier to follow. You are more likely to get a response as members may already have subscribed to that topic.
  • Before you press Submit, please preview your post and remember that what you it is being read by a large number of your Ingleside Terraces neighbors.
  • If you would like to get email notifications when any new content is added to a forum or topic, simply click on Subscribe to the forum. You may unsubscribe in the same way.
  • Postings and content from this group and its members is private.  Do not copy or forward without permission of the original author.

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